Monday, 17 June 2013

For me to be myself.

Leaning against the wall, I thought about myself the whole night.
Was it the right choice to go this way? I don’t know anymore.
I still can’t find the answer, but no matter where I am.
I have to desperately work my hardest.
I was looking down, but I lifted my head up slightly
And saw a clear morning.

For me to be myself.
What is the thing that I can’t afford to lose?
I can’t find the answer easily, it feels so painful, I can’t breathe.
Don’t keep brooding over that one mistake.
If I keep on walking, will I grow to love it?

Why is it that the more I want to cherish something
The further away it gets from me?
“I won’t go beyond this,” saying that, yet longing for it again.
Giving names like “dream” or “love” to those invisible things
And feeling a little proud when calling them by those names
Ah, but actually, that’s not what they’re about.

For me to be myself.
That sentence makes me confused.
I can’t find the answer easily, it feels so painful, I can’t breathe.
But at least, I should look up and walk on without dawdling.
I’m sure I can find what I’m looking for inside this world.

My thoughts couldn’t be conveyed, so I flung them aside.
I even wished for everything to be destroyed.
But that’s not it.
If even grief can be turned into kindness
Slowly but surely, I can start liking this world.

So..For me to be myself
Searching for what exactly I need.
Getting hurt, stopping in my tracks.
It feels so painful. But I’ll only live once.
So without brooding and blaming myself.
If I just keep on walking, I will be able to love my world.

Because I believe, that there is light on the road ahead.


nur sakinah said...

bhs melayu xda ke? xphm -_-

- musafir. - said...

erk? takpe la kalau tak paham :P

nur sakinah said...

-_- oh my english....