Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Menggoreng ikan kering.

this is my third day staying at my brother-in-law's house with his mom, which i called "makcik". one of my purpose staying here is to accompany makcik when her son is working. makcik isn't well and cannot really standing and walking too much.

and everyday, makcik and i will preparing lunch together.

makcik told me to fry ayam goreng and ikan kering. after finish frying ayam goreng, i put ikan kering right away. this is my first time frying ikan kering. i really don't know what is the right time to stop frying.

oh, forgot to mention that i cooked using electric kitchen.

after frying for awhile, i check. and when i realised, the other side of ikan kering is already hangit. this is how it's look.

 "habisla aku.."

but the other side is like "ok la jugak" and doesn't look like anything bad happen.

so i put all the ikan kering on the plate, like this. the burnt side were hidden.

sungguh genius.

makcik ask me, "pandai tak goreng ikan kering?"



Halimaton Saadiah said...


Pabbura Hati said...

not bad uncle.. ^_^ nyummyy.. tumbuk2 gan cili api sodap nihh fuhh..

- musafir. - said...

not bad mendenye..bad gile kot :P tumbuk2 dgn cili api?

Pabbura Hati said...

yes bad laa lol! :p eh sodap apa tumbuk2 kat lesung campo cili api, perah dgn air lima sikit fuhh..terangat!!

Pabbura Hati said...